Orders are accepted from qualified promotional products distributors only.

  • When submitting a purchase order, please be sure to indicate if a proof is needed.
  • Email your purchase order to
  • Please include the PO# in the subject line when e-mailing production ready artwork.
  • Order acknowledgements and shipping notifications are sent via e-mail to the e-mail address provided on the purchase order.

Order Cancellations

Orders can only be cancelled with written authorization prior to imprinting or production. All applicable charges incurred prior to cancellation will be invoiced with a minimum charge of $60.00 (G). Orders on-hold beyond thirty (30) days with no response are subject to cancellation.

Order Minimums

Please contact customer service for current less than minimum order options.

Combined Pricing

When ordering a combination of different items, pricing cannot be combined.

Assorted Product Colors

Assorted product colors are available at no charge for up to four colors with no imprint color change. Each color must meet the catalog minimum order quantity for the product. Please note that imprint, artwork, and decoration method cannot vary. Unable to assort within the same shipping box.

Increase of Order Quantities

We will try to accommodate increases in order quantities. Once production has begun, any increase will be treated as a separate order and billed accordingly.

Random Samples

Random samples are available at no charge on items with a $10.00 or less last column catalog price (shipping number required).

Random samples requested of items greater than $10.00 last column catalog price will be invoiced the net EQP price (shipping costs may apply).

Individual Polybagging

Polybagging of individual products is $.26 (G) per product for catalog quantities. Products currently with individually polybagging as standard packaging will not have an additional charge.

Master Polybagging

Polybagging of more than one of the same product in a single bag is $.17 (G) per product inserted in the bag, for catalog quantities. Please contact factory for pricing if polybag is to include a mix of colors or a mix of products.

Blank Products

Blank products are available for in-stock finished goods. Absolute minimum is first column quantity. Minimum blank product order charge is $75.00 (X) and priced NQP.
Standard lead time applies.

Rush Orders

Contact Factory for availability of Rush Orders.

Product Tolerances

Our products may vary in size up to 1/4" in any direction from the published product size.


All orders are subject to ship 5% over or under the quantity ordered except for paper presentation folders. Those items are subject to 10% over/unders. Invoices will reflect the actual quantity shipped.

Exact Quantity

Orders requiring exact amount will be billed $50.00 (G). Exact quantity is not available on custom items or paper presentation folders.

Decoration Method

We reserve the right to substitute decoration method(s) for similar and/or improved method(s) where and/or when our processes require, with or without customer notification. This is in effort to provide the highest quality decoration in the most expeditious way possible.

General Disclaimer

Fey Promo reserves the right to make slight specification changes to materials and/or products. We reserve the right to use any products we produce in our advertising unless you specify otherwise in writing at the time of the order. The imprints shown in this catalog are the property of the organizations they represent. They are intended to illustrate our capabilities, are are not an indication of any endorsement. All prices are shown in U.S. Dollars.

As part of our commitment to service excellence we inspect all outgoing orders. However, product and decoration should be inspected for quality and accuracy upon delivery . Requests for replacements and/or refunds will not be reviewed or authorized if more than 30 days after shipment.